BodineVictoria is "Titta"

But WHO is Titta?

"Titta is a bad B!*ch", a queen and a healer.  Her strength is the wisdom she's gained and the knowledge that she is unafraid to share.  She is unwavering, wise and grounded; the embodiment of womanhood and all that it entails. She is sexuality, sensuality and sensibility; fire and earth and water. 

BodineVictoria is first and foremost an entertainer. She is known best as Bodacious, and is lovingly called Juicy Fruit by her entertainment peers.  Bodine keeps Bahamian Culture alive with her songs Rocka my Cherry, Juicy Fruit, All Day All Night and Good Feelings which all pay homage to Bahamian entertainers of the 1950's - 1990's.  Her influences include the Calypso Mama -Maureen Duvalier, Coconut Woman  - Eloise Lewis, Exuma the Obeah Man - Tony McKay, Ronnie Butler, Harry Belafonte, Dry Bread - Cyril Ferguson, Terez Hepburn, Priscilla Rollins and Nita to name a few.  Globally, she loves the reach of Carmen Miranda, Josephine Baker and Esther Rolle and aspires to be a powerhouse in music, film and fashion.

It is difficult to say which of her releases is the biggest record for her, Rocka My Cherry earned her an Elevation Award for Best Female Artist in 2018, Good Feelings was placed as a half-time song for both the Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans half-time shows in 2017 respectively and earned her a Bahamian Icon Award nomination, and Intoxicated was featured in Caribbean e-magazines, world-music expos and Tempo Television in 2010. 

Just to keep you on your toes, Bodine dances atop hip hop beats with collaborations with TonAsh and Chase Fernander on the 2018 award winning I Yi Remix and her 2020 collaboration with TonAsh Sugar Daddy.  Her roots are in Hip Hop as a former member of Dunamus Soundz Record label and having broken into Reggae with One (I Love You)  on the CopyCat Riddim as BuffBoo Records and Frontline Productions first female Reggae Artist from The Bahamas.

She is also the first secular female music ambassador for BTC in 2008 and played a pivotal role in the launch of Tempo Television in the Bahamas with the Tempo Turns 3 Celebrations and school tour.  Since then BodineVictoria has emerged as an actress and scriptwriter for both television and stage. 

As an actress, she currently plays the character Rovel, clothed in mystery and superstition in Travolta Cooper's  Where in the World is Wally.   The show airs on Monday nights on Rev Cable Bahamas channel 212 and stars Travolta Cooper, Renel Brown, Leah Eneas and Timico Sawyer.

She was the hostess and one of the script-writers for the former ZNS travel and lifestyle show Fabulous Living, Bahamian Style  (2017-2018) which laid the foundation for her to become a Bahamian culture vlogger and influencer as she shares her cultural experiences through her stories on YouTube and Instagram.  

Her passion for Bahamian Culture has made her the brainchild behind the bienniel experience that is Party in Paradise; her original concept of cultural expression that includes Bahamian food, music, art and theater in one seamless show.  Her stageplay The Gaulin Bride has garnered hundreds of Bahamians and Tourists to watch and experience Bodine's take on Calypso music and Afro-Bahamian folklore.

And Bodine does this while juggling a full time job as a teacher in Language and Literature, with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and a minor in Religious Studies from The College of the Bahamas (now the University of the Bahamas).

So, who is Titta? BodineVictoria embraces this title: that of the Bahamian aunt who feeds the children and cooks the meals.  She is the one who passes the culture on to the next generation and teaches the young the freedom of expression that is ring play.  Titta releases the entrancing aroma of the pot simmered and passed down through generations of ancestors.  She tells the stories long forgotten and stokes the flames of the mystique that keeps afro-Bahamian culture alive... stories that haunt and heal listening ears.  She speaks the language of empowerment; true to herself, her ancestors and her God.

Yeah, Titta is THAT WOMAN; the Coconut Goddess and BodineVictoria is Titta. The character was born from a name that her mother gave her when she was younger. As the oldest of her mother's children, she told stories and cooked, and shared knowledge.  Now, BodineVictoria keeps Bahamian culture alive through music as one of The Bahamas's most recognizable female faces in music and entertainment.


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