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Building a Team:  Human Resources 

I'm about to drop a few big tips on you guys.

When you see any big artist, they have a team behind them. That is a manager, an agent, a legal advisor, media manager, writer, producer, a stylist, art/image director and a few others.

The truth is, everyone of them is necessary but if you're just starting out, you may not be able to afford all of these people and their services. How do you run a business without having all of these people on the payroll?

1. Research: Look for team members who have good work ethic, and a good reputation. Usually, these are people who get along well with others and aren't interested in drama.

2. Double up on jobs: Some people are able to judge two or more portfolios at once. For example, an artist manager can operate like an agent and occasionally an accountant. I'd suggest though that if you had to pick combine the agent and manager portfolios.

3. Outsource: Find capable people that have the time and the expertise you need to work with. If you're horrible at managing social media, there are companies that can create and curate your social media content. Negotiate a cost and service package that works for you.

4. Partner: In some cases partnerships are the best way to get value for what you need done. Upstart photographers, videographers and stylists may opt to work with you at a discounted rate or for 'free' so that the resources created can be addes to their portfolio.

Remember, managing resources comes down to knowing what and who you need and what is integral to making your business work efficiently and effectively. While money is important, the people you have around you to execute the vision are the largest asset you have.

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